Jaguar XF Diesel S in Police Uniform

Cops in Jags? We've seen worse like the Italian Polizia's Lamborghini Gallardo, but at least that was a one off - not to mention that it was donated to the police. In the UK, Jaguar seems to want a piece of the pie (aka government money) launching its first ever Police specification XF which is currently being evaluated by Police forces across the country. The car tested is based on the XF Diesel S equipped with a 275HP 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 diesel that launches the XF from standstill to 60mph (96km/h) in 5.9 sec while returning a fuel economy figure of 42mpg UK.

The Police-spec model features more lights than a Christmas tree including a roof mounted light bar with 3,600 (!) blue flashing lights and integrated side alley lights, blue and white flashing LED lights inside the front grille and side mounted blue flashing LED lights. There's also a Home Office-specification electronics 'Police pack' to power a full suite of emergency lights, radio and other electronic equipment.

"The Police Officers driving pursuit vehicles demand a very high level of performance and handling, as well as safety and comfort," said Geoff Cousins, UK Managing Director for Jaguar Cars. And let's not forget style - I mean, you can't have cops riding in ordinary Vauxhalls...

Jaguar XF Police - Carscoop