Insane Citroen 2CV built atop Ferrari F355 Chassis Complete with 3.5-liter V8!

Outrageous? You bet. Controversial? Sure. Ferrari blasphemy? Quite possibly. But come on, it's not like you get the chance every day to see an insane project like this. Created by a bunch of crazy Italians at Nimik, the car you see pictured above combines the modified body of the iconic French Citroen 2CV Fourgonnette bread-van with the chassis and 375bhp 3.5-liter V8 engine of a Ferrari F355! The Prancing Horse-Double Chevron crossbreed took around 1,500 man hours to complete and cost approximately €180,000 or the U.S. equivalent of $250,000.

Understandably, the project was no easy task as the two cars share nothing in common other than the fact that they come equipped with four wheels... The crew over at Nimik modified the 2CV's body which is much wider than the stock Fourgonnette and now features a pair of giga-sizes vents on the sides that feed air to the mid-mounted Italian V8 powerhouse that drives the rear wheels. If you think that the end-result looks cool in the photos just wait until you see the Ferrari 2CV in action in the video below.

Via: , Source: Nimik , Photos: SwissCarSightings