New Audi RS5 on Car Magazine’s October Issue: Is it Real?

Audi RS5Could it be that the Audi RS5 on the cover of Car Magazine’s October issue that’s due to go on sale this week is the real thing? Well, while we’ll have to wait a few days to be 100 percent certain, we’ll take it upon us and say that the answer to that question is almost certainly no. Aside from the fact that it is extremely rare to see a vehicle that we haven’t even seen pictures of being offered to a magazine for a comparison test against its biggest rival (the BMW M3 in this case), if you take a closer look at the opening picture of the article, you’ll notice a tag that says ‘Images: Mark (we cant make the surname) / Motor Forecast’. The latter, which is a company that specializes in automotive renderings was also responsible for the BMW M3 photoshops on Car Magazine's February 2007 issue. Think we’re right?

Via: Worldcarfans , Source: Car Magazine