Baldwin-Motion 540 Chevrolet Camaro SuperCoupe Phase III

Guess who’s back…

One of the most famous names of the muscle car days, Baldwin-Motion, is making a came back as the company is back on its feet, offering an all new Phase III Camaro. The car is based on the SuperCoupe prototype which was previewed last year at the Sema Show in LA

The original team -including the legendary Martyn Schorr and Motion Performance founder, Joel Rosen -- have partnered with Joel Ehrenpreis and Larry Jaworske to jump-start Motion Performance, now named Motion Performance, LLC.

For starters, it is said that only twelve of these red-hot muscle cars will be built with more coming if there is demand…Each car will be built to customer specifications, and will have Joel Rosen’s signature on the headrest, paperwork, and certificate of authenticity. Because Baldwin-Motion starts with actual ’69 Camaros, the cars will have valid VIN numbers to make registration easier.

Details: 1969 Baldwin-Motion 540 Camaro SuperCoupe

Based on a gennie steel 1969 Camaro, the SuperCoupe is gutted to a bare shell. Underneath it gets a 2" x 3" tubular steel chassis, independent front and rear suspensions, Baer Claw disc brakes with 14 inch rotors and 6-piston calipers, and Michelin Sport Pilot rubber on custom-made 18 and 20 inch Bonspeed wheels.

The Camaro SuperCoupe features a custom-designed interior which is completely hand-crafted. It includes six-way power seats, custom fabbed dash with Classic Instruments gauges, and a Sony Xplod audio & video system. But the most interesting part of the interior is the Hemi Cam, a rear-mounted video camera that feeds into a dash-mounted LCD screen. “We call it a Hemi cam because that’s where you’ll see all those Hemis—behind you,” explained Larry Jaworske. There’s also a camera mounted behind the radiator and pointed toward the engine, and another mounted on a front brake caliper so you can watch wheel spin…

The SuperCoupe is powered by an all-aluminum 700-hp Merlin/Motion big-block built by Bill Mitchell. The blueprinted and dyno-tuned 540-cubic-inch powerplant has a World Products aluminum block with 4.50-inch bore, 4.25-inch stroke and 4.840-inch bore spacing. Eagle 6.535-inch H-beam rods, forged crank and 10-to-1 forged pistons are utilized. The roller-cammed engine is topped off with a Cross-Ram fuel injection system custom-built by Jim Kinsler for the SuperCoupe. Polished alloy MOTION-badged valve covers are rare original NOS parts.

Powertrain details include a specially-prepared Tremec TKO five-speed and a fully-independent rear with a Dana 44 Posi and hardened steel high-torque axles. Suspension is four-wheel independent with polished unequal length control arms and toe-in control links and fully adjustable coil-over shocks and sway bars. Steering is rack and pinion.

Stopping power is supplied by MOTION signature Baer Claw Extreme-Plus rakes with forged six-piston Sport calipers and 14-inch cross-drilled rotors front and rear. The SuperCoupe rides on Motion-inspired Bonspeed wheels.

SuperCoupe Video:

SuperCoupe Specifications


Frame: 2" x 3" tubular steel backbone/spine chassis running through the console and welded to the body

Rear End: Fully independent with a Dana 44 Posi; custom-fabricated, hardened steel, high-torque axles; proprietary ring and pinion; limited-slip differential

Suspension: Four-wheel independent with polished, unequal-length control arms and toe-in control links; fully adjustable TNT Motorsports billet coil-over shocks and sway bars; custom-built Time Machines front and rear stabilizer bars; Ididit rack-and-pinion steering

Brakes: Motion Signature Baer Claw Extreme-Plus brakes with forged, 6-piston Sport calipers and 14" cross-drilled rotors

Wheels and Tires: Custom-designed Bonspeed Intense wheels with Baldwin-Motion Spinners: 18 x 10 fronts wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 265 x 35 x 18 tires and 20 x 12 rears with a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 265 x 25 x 20 tires

Frame Work: Phil Somers/Time Machines, Inc.


Type: Motion/Merlin 540 cubic inch big block, set back 13"; 700+ hp; dyno-tuned

Block: Merlin/Motion all-aluminum, bored and honed to 4.50", decked surfaces to equalize lifter bores, painted Dupont “Motion Silver”

Reciprocating Assembly: Eagle Specialties 4340 non-twist steel crank; Eagle Specialties 6.535" H-beam connecting rods with L19 bolts; Mahle 10:1 lightweight, forged, coated pistons with full floating pins; Total Seal piston rings; Clevite H-Series bearings; balanced and blueprinted

Camshaft: Comp Cams custom “Motion Ground” solid street roller

Cylinder Heads: Merlin/Motion aluminum 119cc heads with 350cc intake ports, reworked combustion chambers, fully ported and polished

Valvetrain: Comp Cams solid roller lifters, Comp Cams Hi-Tech .080" wall 4140 seamless 1-piece chromemoly pushrods, Comp Cams Hi-Tech stainless steel rockers, Manley stainless steel 2.30"/1.80" valves, Comp Cams dual valve springs, Comp Cams 10° chromemoly keepers and retainers

Fuel Injection: Custom-built Kinsler Cross-Ram polished sequential-fired fuel injection with extruded aluminum high-flow fuel rails, inline Weldon fuel pump, 44 lb. injectors

Ignition: Accel Gen VII+ ECU with sequential distributor, Tilton Super Starter, Billet Specialties polished 1-wire alternator, Painless Performance wiring harness

Cooling: Be Cool polished radiator and fans, Edelbrock aluminum serpentine water pump

Exhaust: Hedman headers, Stainless Specialties 3" polished 304 stainless exhaust, custom Stainless Specialties mufflers

Transmission: Modified Tremec TKO600 5-speed transmission, McLeod dual-disc clutch, McLeod 168-tooth aluminum flywheel, McLeod hydraulic pressure plate, McLeod bellhousing

Other Items: Motion cast aluminum finned valve covers, Motion custom oval breathers, Billet Specialties True Trac polished aluminum pulley system, Bill Mitchell Hardcore true roller timing chain, Russell stainless steel braided lines, ARP polished fasteners, Rick’s Hot Rod Shop 24-gallon S/S Series polished aluminum gas tank, Outerwear prefilters

Engine Machining Work By: Bill Mitchell/World Products, Motion, Steve Keech/Keech’s Performance

Cylinder Head Modifications By: Motion and Keech’s Performance/Steve Keech


Modifications: All-steel body, fully tubbed with flared fenderwells; functional brake cooling scoops; extended eyebrows; extended hood with L-88–style scoop

Paint Color: Custom-mixed PPG “Motion Red,” highlighted by traditional Baldwin-Motion striping

Fabrication By: Phil Somers/Time Machines, Inc.

Paint By: “James”/Time Machines, Inc.


Upholstery: Hoyt’s Auto Upholstery Cha Cha Red leather front seats with Baldwin-Motion logo, Cha Cha Red carpet

Front Seats: 6-way power seats

Dash: Hand-built by Time Machines, Inc.

Gauges: Custom Motion/Classic Instruments gauges

Other Items: Sony Xplod custom sound system with a 2-channel amp, in-dash video unit, color cameras, underhood monitors, and 10" subs; hand-built center and overhead consoles; Hot Rod Air air conditioning

Interior By: Time Machines, Inc.